Quotes Awful reading,so disappointing. I'm so used to hearing what I want to hear. I'm a psychic that gives good readings but you are the best psychic in the world. Your predictions came true,every last one of then,even on down to John leaving me for good. That's why I'm so mad with you. It came true out of nowhere. Please let me know when the prophetic event is going to be so I can take off of work just to see you prophesy to the the audience.. Quotes
Celebrity Psychic Tabitha

Quotes Praise The Lord,Prophet! That Prophecy was governed by Our Lord And Savior,Christ Jesus. Bless you,Prophet. The Lord is really with your Gift. Come back again,a lot of people wanted to speak to you personally but the crowd was so big. We couldn't have everyone knocking you over. Be bless,Rev Quotes
New Hope Ministries
Prophetic Sermon

Quotes You are very pretty! You look like Raven from The Cosby's. I didn't enjoy my session because it was negative stuff. It all came true,my husband just kicked me out like you said you were seeing. I'm going to take him the court.I'm upset. Thank you for the truth Quotes

Quotes You are very accurate! Darby,Pa Quotes

Quotes My White Light Blessing has started to work. My job just had rehired me after I was fired! Praise Jesus Quotes
Female Client
White Light Blessing

Quotes Prophet. You are so Gifted. Your Prophecy was truly was a blessing from our King in Heaven,Christ Jesus. You really have a gift of disernment! Come back next week Quotes
Bishop Jones and Pastor Charles Leroy Michael Jr.
Great Sermon/Prophetic Ministry

Quotes Hi! Prophetess. I just want to leave some feed back for your Ministry. I think that you are truly a gifted Prophet. I did not like all of what you said. It was all true and unfortunately dead on Quotes
Patti Greer
Great Session